Sara Agah Franti


"Be your best. Serve the greater good. Rock out wherever you are"

Some days I get it exactly right and some days I struggle...


"I am a woman who faces challenges every day. In my career, my relationship, my health, my self-esteem, my friendships, my service to the planet, my spirit. And I believe in being real about it." - Sara Agah Franti


What are you doing each day to take yourself to your growing edge?


We grow when we face our challenges and there are more than enough of them in every day life to keep us on our toes.  Doing things that intentionally take me to my growing edge, helps me to become more mindful and skillful at navigating the unexpected ones.

My intention is to create community and space to have real conversations about the ebbs and flows of life.

Life is not easy, so to stay inspired I surround myself with things that  help me to stay optimistic.  I started making inspirational jewelry for my friends and I to reminds us to show up for life with enthusiasm, even on those tough days.