My Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are absolutely not about consumerism, but rather taking time to see your friends and family, share in gratitude and relax. That said, I have a girlfriend who is the ULTIMATE gift giver. I don’t know how she does it. She seems to be able to surprise me at the most unexpected moments with some of the sweetest gifts, and it makes me feel so good. I sometimes get so overwhelmed trying to find as meaningful of a gift. What I’ve realized is that you don’t have to go big or extravagant for it to be a great fit. It’s thoughtfulness that makes the difference. That’s why I created this gift guide. There are a variety of price points and lots of practical items that can be used every day, yet are still meaningful and thoughtful. They will spread love and give love and will make your loved ones think of you!


  1. Hamsa Dangle Earrings

    I love what these earrings stand for and represent. Across faiths, the Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection. They will bring happiness, health and good fortune, encouraging the wearer to always tap into their deepest intuition. These gorgeous earrings actually come in four unique color combinations and are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. 

  2. Bold As Brass Bracelet

    A metal we see so often and probably don’t realize that it attracts health and wealth! It’s light, easy to wear, layers perfectly with more of the same bracelet or your other pieces.

  3. Eminence Starter Kit

    I love my skincare. It’s organic and it works! I thought this starter kit would be a nice way to check it out and play with some of the products without a huge commitment.

  4. Stay Human Smoothie Cup

    I was obsessed with green smoothies while I was pregnant, so I created a cup that I can use daily and that reminds me of what’s important. When you order the cup, it comes with a cute recipe card for my favorite green smoothie.

  5. Life Is Better With You Candle

    Michael and I created this candle together (this may sound obvious!). But seriously, Michael loves spending time in Bali and he is always trying to create the same vibe here in our home in San Francisco. With that inspiration in mind, I designed a candle that smells like tuberose (lush floral), a flower we both love and that is often used at Soulshine, our hotel in Bali.

  6. Life Is Better With You Pillow Cases

    Aren’t we all trying to make our homes a little cuter, and especially intentional, through our decor? These pillow cases will be sure to bring the love, whether it be in your own bed, for your guest room or even your kid’s room! They rotate through rooms in our house!!!! I couldn’t help but share our little pillow fight video with these pillow cases here.

  7. Revolution Sweatshirt

    This is Michael and my go-to sweatshirt. What I love most is that it looks cool and fashionable, and also has a powerful message to it. It’s a unisex Champion sweatshirt so it will have a long life in your closet and will stay looking fresh.






Sara Agah Franti