My Favorite PostPartum Products


I want to share my favorite postpartum products that I used daily and that worked! Healing after giving birth requires intention and energy. I am excited to share what worked for me and helped me get through some tough times so that you don’t have to struggle. It can all make a difference whether it is healing cracked nipples, or a breastfeeding pillow that won’t slip out from under you just as your baby latches! These products are meant for you, Mama. If you have any questions about any of it, comment below. 

  1. New Chapter Postnatal Vitamins. Make sure you are taking some sort of supplement. Your body will be depleted. Your primary purpose in these first 6 weeks is to keep another person alive. A supplement will support your immune system, healing, energy levels and overall mood.

  2. Mamastrut soft brace: Your core no longer exists. I found that even just walking was aggravating my lower back because of my weak core. Using some sort of abdominal brace will support that and minimize any discomfort. The ice packs didn’t feel super practical and I felt like I had a better experience using actual packs of ice. You might be able to find a less expensive belly band, just make sure its thick so you get lots of support.

  3. Earth Mama Perineal Spray: If you delivered vaginally you will want relief. Trust me. The perineal spray is an easy way to cool the area. This spray gave me immediate relief and was a quick way to feel fresh.

  4. Earth Mama Perineal Balm: You will feel swollen and irritated. The balm provides a longer lasting cooling effect. At first I was hesitant to use a balm because I had a 2nd degree tear, so I waited a week or so before using it fearing infection if it got in my incision. But after using it, I wish I had started sooner. It provided a lot of soothing relief.

  5. Black Cotton Nursing Camisole: I LOVE sleeping in this nursing camisole and I wore it around the house during the day. I still do. It’s the most comfortable way to breast feed. You are just learning, baby is learning. The less material you have to maneuver moving out of the way, the easier. I now own 6 camis. (Update: I had purchased Motherhood Maternity, but found they stretch. I found this camisole at Target that hasn’t stretched and the shelf bra gives me great support)

  6. Fridet Mama Wash: If you have any sort of tear you need to keep that area c-l-e-a-n! I saw Fridet had sent Cardi B one of these, and Chrissy Teigan also mentioned it on her Instastories. It came with this baby health kit and I wasn’t sure if I would use it. Ummmm I used it MULTIPLE times a day. I hated taking sitz baths and so I used this religiously. Fill it with warm water and your pain melts away with every spray! I added Thayers Witch Hazel to the warm water for extra relief and cleansing.

  7. Thayers Witch Hazel: I added a few drops of Doterra lavender oil to this bottle. I would then give it a good squeeze into my Fridet Mama Washer and mix it with warm water. Pure relief. Felt great.

  8. Solarcaine: I had no idea what this was until I went to the hospital. It was given me to as part of my “welcome to the postpartum room” kit. I wasn’t sure about it. One of my nurses suggested I spray the pad you wear (yup, that nice thick one) and then when you put it on, make sure you come in direct contact with pad… Make sense? It works amazingly to calm that angry throbbing!

  9. Recovery Tea: This herbal tea is great for your uterus and nerves. I drank it every night in my first week. I am not a huge fruity tea fan but this was good. The tea has chamomile, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, ginger, dandelion and oat-straw.

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