At Home Winter Hair & Skin Treatments


The easiest way to treat yourself!

I hate the fact that I have curly hair and it gets super dry because of all the straightening I do. Yes, yes I know! Live free…be curly!!!

But let me just tell you, I just LOVE that I get to be curly, straight, super straight, wavy, etc. with my hair.

Sooooo to deal with the dryness of the season and the extra dryness of flat irons and blowdryers, I give my hair some TLC with the random stuff you can find in your kitchen.

Check out my at home hair and skin remedy tips you can easily do during the winter months or even all year round!

Face and hair mask recipes below!



1 mashed avocado - I like to I use my over-ripened/old avocados that are now brown and not favorable on toast :)

1/4 cup warmed olive oil (more or less depending on how much hair you have on your head. I am Persian which means a lot of thick hair!)


Massage into dry hair. Cover and let sit for an hour. Rinse with own shampoo and conditioner.



1 TBS Plain Yogurt

1 TBS Mashed Avocado

1 TSP lemon juiced


Apply thin (or thick) layer to skin. Let dry. Wash with warm water.