Self-Sabotage is Real!


You may be sabotaging yourself


and not even know it. I was in a spin class recently and it got really hard. The instructor could see we were all tired and starting to get in our own heads. So she said ‘You are the person you talk most to in your entire life...’ WOAH. Made me stop in my tracks and think...what the heck is the voice I use on myself. I am constantly trying to share advice on how to accept all as they are...but what do I say to me?

Well this past year the words weren't good. I was self-critical and never encouraging. Which is crazy because I am the number one believer in positive self-talk! The words you share with yourself are the most important ones you can put out into the world.
What does the voice in your heart and soul sound like? Do you like what you hear? Does it sound like what you share with others in the world? Share with me.

Sara Agah Franti